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Hi I'm Sadie, I like gay magical girls and being told I smell nice.

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The girlfriend experience

> Any man who has ever had a girlfriend can attest to this.

> This is just too good. Animation, adorableness, substance. I really hope there are more of these.

It’s too adorable not to reblog again.

This is my roommate and his boyfriend. All the freaking way.

I’m so glad this is back on my dash

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kids these days have the privilege of looking at anime boobs without playing through a flash game on newgrounds to get them

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Fallout: New Vegas Posters
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trying to enjoy yuri as an actual queer woman


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Whats wrong with Homura?


what isn’t wrong with homura

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Is it there? Do I have a face? 
It’s fine. It’s all there.

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Kids please don’t think that it’s unusual or special to be dating someone with whom you can watch netflix and eat pizza and hold hands and also have hot sex with

It concerns me when I see millions of notes on a post that’s like “fuck me hard but also be sweet with me”

Like what kinds of relationships are you in that you think this is a revolutionary thing to ask

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